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  1. Does somebody have Carfax account? VIN# WAULT68E22A131433 Thanks...
  2. Sluggish fuel gauge
  3. Well... my software company sold, so I bought myself an F430 and a ballar house in Cali...
  4. Please help diagnose!
  5. Green was a good color before it became green. Discuss.
  6. Picking her up on Monday.......
  7. Is this a good deal on 996TT calipers? (audifans)
  8. So Hap didn't sell his car?
  9. WHY GREEN!?
  11. Good deal?
  12. question about rear suspension and Koni shocks..
  13. whats kind of blubs do the headlights use
  14. Lowest mileage Avant I have seen for sale, price not for the faint hearted.
  15. If anyone has a second could you post a picture of the bolt connection at the top front of the ..
  16. Well I modified my gamma so it works off switched power, some pics inside
  17. Out of curiosity, what are RS2 turbos going for now a days? (more inside)
  18. Short clip of the champion S4 & 2B's GTR at laguna seca last week enjoy!!
  19. Low Rpm Rattle- coming from engine
  20. Wow, in all of 5 minutes I had the 94' S4 arranged to be towed from
  21. Has Anyone Actually Succesfully Installed 5" or 6" door speakers in factory location? Any Pics?
  22. some1 needs to part a black S4 and sell me the front bumper =D
  23. Just replaced both tie rod ends and still have a creak in my steering.
  24. the 928 GTS calipers are same spec as 993TT caliper?
  25. battery has been disconnected since November, just reconnected it and
  26. i need advice damnit (long/rant)
  27. Which VW oil filters fit our cars?
  28. Would anyone be interested in a cast sport quattro replica manifold?
  29. Any lightly modded Ur S6 Avants FS?
  30. Anyone interested in a tune by EPL?
  31. my latest 2 mods...
  32. anyone with etka, 993.352.425.10 = 993.351.425.10 same thing yes?
  33. MiniMan, your car will be a beast after this mod!!
  34. Interesting bomb (pressure accumulator) problem
  35. Info from Marcor/Weathertech Regarding C4 floor mats
  36. I'm sticking with my "cute little brakes" for now(G60). Just wanna upgrade the pads, EBC,Hawk,Pagid?
  37. Interesting info on
  38. Chip Herr Returns To STaSIS Motorsports for 2007 Season
  39. Any interest in a JE custom forged piston and Pauter Rod group buy?
  40. Weird problem, thank you all for your thoughts
  41. oil temp gauge jumping=bad solder joint on the IC, or do the senders sometimes go bad?
  42. Samco hoses arrived today, and check out the old boost leak!!!
  43. viper brakes
  44. 330xi killed.
  45. Proud new owner of a 95 all stock S6 with 96k, where should I begin in terms of modding?
  46. few questions about boost
  47. While we're on the topic of rare Europa Blue S4's...
  48. Cody nice snag on the 1995.5 FL Avant
  49. O.K. I've got $48.00 and a 92 S4, how do I shut up my neighbor with the WRX?
  50. w00t. Car passed inspection.
  51. Missed the actual roll-over, but as of this, where's everyone else at...???
  52. Cross member bushings - no hope?
  53. Just another S car filled day!
  54. My next mod.
  55. What do you guys think is our 5spd tranny swap-able into a b5 S4 with auto tranny..
  56. Im bored so this thread is a result
  57. Check out these bitching fender covers my dog gave me.
  58. The hood release cable somehow detatched from the hood um.. fasteners? holders?
  59. Lexus claims another Audi enthusiast =(
  60. Probrably too wide. Right?
  61. Visited 034 motorsport last week, headed over to Laguna Seca with them for the Audi Event (vids)
  62. kday, did you figured out your coolant leak? I'm loosing about 1/2 quarts every 500miles,
  63. My windshield washer spray stopped working after I ran out (yes, I refilled it).
  64. Anyone got a blinder laser jammer here?
  65. godamnit!!!!! thought i would have it good for a while!!!
  66. observation - brian has no problem taking a car from someone that doesnt know what it is MUAHAHAHA
  67. DICE iPod integration write-up
  68. inside a modified 300kpa pressure transducer
  69. engine redlines itself: bad throttle clip or dash pot? (story inside...)
  70. What's a bad wheel bearing sound like?
  71. fyi: electrical tape is a great temp fix for misfires
  72. Cracked head or cracked block? Technical advice anyone?
  73. Powder Coating makes everything look so nice!...
  74. weitec springs any one use them
  75. Since we are talking BBKs, were are you guys buying your calipers and lines?
  76. Gas smell around the rear pass wheel well..
  77. How About Boxster Brakes... Better than Wilwoods?
  78. Booyah
  79. Brake Opportunity...
  80. noisy motor
  81. I always thought my car looked "big" but not after parking next to a Dodge Magnum......
  82. Mr.FRU-T-Pants , here is a picture of the part I need. I still don't have it out but am getting...
  83. Monster mats, do they exist for S-cars? If so, where can I get my hands on some?
  84. Do these corner lights fit a 93 s4 anyone?
  85. Here I go again,the brake warning light comes on...
  86. Eurospec Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  87. Where can I buy the wheel and bracket that holds the viscous fan? Need one ASAP if anyone can help.
  88. How much can i expect for he sale of my 94 S4?
  89. For those of you wondering where Jimmy Pribble's Travertine interior ended up. ;-)
  90. Anti-freeze mxing question:Got orange in the system now. Ok to drain and go pink without a flush?
  91. Oops. My 1.8t conversion instructions on have been read 24677 times. I guess...
  92. If anybody in the Northeast is in need of any body
  93. had a go at the X-plug tonight.. It didn't want to budge grrrrrr =[
  94. Here's my results... replace my VIN # and you can see your vehicle history report too.
  95. turbo question
  96. Can anyone driving a silver UrS do me a favor
  97. Crimp Clamps... What size?
  98. For the archives - RS2 injector part numbers, Audi / Bosch
  99. Is it the water? Full moon? WTF??!??
  100. please sir take you seat
  101. Guess who?
  102. Rant: So what's the deal with these folks recently on Audifans' Classifeds?
  103. what is the stock injector spec
  104. A third of the way there.
  105. Pre-purchase inspection??? Looking to buy a car near Hartford CT
  106. While I was changing the Starter I noticed pad wear, Inner pads very low Outer pads thick, Calipers?
  107. A little bit off topic, but very cool...
  108. Opinions please, just got a full feature offer on the wagon for a certain euro magazine
  109. Thanks to 4Driver4,SilberUrS6,tpierce(MP),Fastest4esT,UrS4bo y,chefbob,repeater&thetatau8
  110. Some pics from ACNA Gull Lake Winter Driving School (pics + vid)
  111. Another //S car adventure
  112. Die, rattles, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  113. How much stiffer is a Bilstein Sport Shock / H and R Sport spring setup then stock.
  114. Hey Mr.Fru-T-Pants, Bose tunage works great! Thanks Patrick..
  115. Any of you guys have a carfax? If so could you do me a favor, pretty please?? 8^)
  116. Is it possible to replace the metal sunroof on my 92 S4 with the later glass moonroof?
  117. Forgie, pulled the wheel and clock spring today. Want me to go ahead and ship the lot?
  118. Anyone else think we should have some kind of feedback system
  119. Can I trust people responding to posts in Wanted section on audifans?
  120. OK, what is up with Ford Tauruses?
  121. RS2 Knock Offs on Ebay
  122. Nick, you still going to the rally at NED?
  123. Removing Speed Limiter....
  124. HPII VS Big Red Caliper..
  125. Ok, time for beginner questions about shifting. :-)
  126. yay! 2 leaks down..2 to go. Did valve cover gasket tonight, so hopefully the seeping @ half-moons
  127. Anyone try these clear corners?
  128. oil line in/out?
  129. Anyone looking for a Sport Quattro Manifold?
  130. does any one know what the factory waste gate spring rate is
  131. Just kidding,,, GOTCHA!!!
  132. Weldon YGM
  133. springs
  134. ebay score!
  135. Gamma radio constant power question???
  136. what do you guys use for pods to mount your boost gauges in other than the pillar pods?
  137. Splitting two sides of the ECU?
  138. The cheapest 115Rs are $40 per?!?
  139. Carlisle show update
  140. Part 3: No Start Situation Still, but I'm sure I'm getting closer. Electrical tips needed...
  141. Arrr... I thought I would never have B5 S4 Avus wheels again...
  142. Thansk to germantoy my s6 avamt is now lowered with intrax springs! It only took me and my friend
  143. Coolant leak... didn't find it STFA
  144. 1/4 tank left and I'm at 308 miles and more.. woot!
  145. Bad bomb (pressure accumulator)?
  146. Yet another question...Anyone know where to get clear corners for a 92 s4?
  147. Install OE Alpine CD changer in a C4 Avant: With or without plastic base shield?
  148. I sold my S4...
  149. What is this thingy?
  150. so im really thinking about picking up a replacement for the vader wagon
  151. A question for the resident electrician, Kevin Day..
  152. any suggestions
  153. Adding a lighter socket to the rear console
  154. DVD/CD Based Repair Manuals VS. The Real Repair Manual. Who Wins?
  155. oxygen sensor...yes i searched
  156. camshaft position sensor
  157. She looks like a beauty if you are in NY
  158. Intake runner cracked on #3 cyl. Anyone have an extra AAN head kicking around?
  159. What is the length of the serpertine belt on a....
  160. This one it's hot! Carefull mr Dave!
  161. Hot picks of my beatifull lover!! Don't worry Dave, you wont get chocked ;)
  162. "CUTOUT" PROBLEM SOLVED!! (Followup)....
  163. Subwoofer Trunk Installation - Where NOT to Drill?
  164. Another frickin soldered in bulb...
  165. Lights out...
  166. my new toy just arrived!!!
  167. Home grown exhaust, Euro headlights
  168. Airbag removal??
  169. Best damn interior cleaner PERIOD! Buy some.
  170. Looking for mats for my 92 S4
  171. Looking for S4 headlights, but dont want to pay $400 each me if you can help a brotha out
  172. So I beat Emre to the punch. I bought a Stage III B5 S4 on the weekend.
  173. This would be a nice candidate for an I5 swap, eh?
  174. Driver's side heated mirror working...sort of
  175. 245/50/16 would fit on our beloved Fuch with no problem right? not much different with 245/45/16
  176. I can see clearly now!
  177. Not AS low miles as the Golf posted a few days ago, but same idea
  178. I've noticed a tick-tick sound upon cold start-up and new right away it was
  179. changing seals in a v8 diff = teh suck
  180. How much boost is too much boost?
  181. PART 2 : Switch was Succesfully 'Switched' (was Broken) + Brand New Battery, but Still NO START?
  182. OT: buying a car back from insurance
  183. Racetronix vs RS2 injectors with a 3.8bar fpr?
  184. EGT Readings?
  185. All done...havent gone for a test drive yet..too tired ;)
  186. Hello from ACNA winter driving school.
  187. went to Chicago car show, and well not impressed at all
  188. Gabe, you should just do an engine swap :)
  189. Black trim
  190. Guys, did 96 A6's come to US with manual transmission? Just saw an ad for a 96 with 5sp Man.
  191. 4A0 919 040 C: Is this the right bulb for the climate control?
  192. anyone else feel that their horn is just subpar?
  193. Keyless entry failed - on my 95.5 - it's not the remotes...
  194. Viper Brakes??? Why?
  195. Oh, snap.
  196. after run low speed radiator fan won't working?
  197. 3 weeks and this has to be on the truck to Sebring ready to race.
  198. Step 1 Complete...
  199. coolant temp. down when drive at high speed..
  200. 1995.5 s6 after car wash and night in cold garage car will not start HELP!!!
  201. yellow!
  202. Oxygen Sensor Recommendations
  203. the S4 has redeemed herself for this winter.. pulled a friend's 4x4 out of the ditch.
  204. A while back there was a GB on Cam position Sensons where were they coming from again?
  205. Rear diff not working. I STFA and didn't find any help.
  206. New 93 S4
  207. egt sensor question
  208. Question about 18" RS4 clone wheels: Tire size(s) for H&R/Bilstein...
  209. anybody know this car or have any info on it?
  210. S6 4RiNGS (Levent) - YGM
  211. Someone find me an older S-car in the same condition...
  212. What's a good price to pay for a V8 torsen rear diff?
  213. hot avants... please show me!
  214. Request: Picture of lower front windshield....
  215. Ok I'd trade my S for this i know i know but i would, what would you trade for?
  216. OK, just returned from 10 days in sunny Florida, what did I miss? 8^)
  217. 034 breather catch can, where is the best place to mount it?
  218. wowserskates
  219. MiniMan, package received! Thanks man!
  220. Scored a Bentley CD Shop manual as one of our S-Fest West door prizes, courtesy of Worldpac! =)
  221. If you ever find yourself wondering what a URS4 looks like from the middle of a lake...
  222. whats the best suspension combo for an avant that wont cause the cats to catch on bumps?
  223. anyone need new rear rotors?
  224. MRC Stage 2 gas mileage
  225. S6 is back on the road. w00t. That is all.
  226. More mods to send home...
  227. bubling on new X-plug
  228. for those interested in 18" Avus
  229. welp, figured out the "frozen boost" thing.. turns out a small vacuum hose had come off
  230. winter time issues
  231. How about this? Driving down the road, Everything shuts down Suddenly, Car Will Not Crank Again, but
  232. Those who have had the nigerian scams, what do you tell em to make them stop?
  233. More Snakes in the Garden...
  234. CARS SUCK!
  235. Car is officially gone tomorrow...
  236. Might be trying to do another Hella smoked tail light GB
  237. PSA: Hood release
  238. Ordered Samcos today, w00t.
  239. S6 Pic
  240. I think my S4 is as sick of winter as i am.. Boost gauge is stuck/frozen at one indicated pressure!
  241. Uh oh... Look whats in the Audifans auto classifieds!?!?!
  242. Couple of Shots of my Avant
  243. Don't eat blue snow....
  244. anyone know anything about a black S4 or S6 for sale in CT with big reds and euro bumpers
  245. Being as it was Chefbob's old dirty 30 + 1 its only fitting hes on datelines to catch a predator
  246. Clean cars, fresh ideas and a few pictures that show you what NOT to do to your URS. *50 photos*
  247. Lately my car has smelled strongly of gas after starting it in the cold...
  248. Looking for suggestions from coolant system gurus. The car is leaking coolant, but
  249. Can you guys help me put a value on my wheels?
  250. Looking for a window motor

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