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  1. EvanUrS4, When's the next time your going to N.E. Dragway
  2. Would you say that this AAN'd Cq is running too hot?
  3. Will this turbo fit our UrS4's??
  4. How to fill up AC?
  5. Be afraid 10 Valves are coming for you!
  6. Help! Brake Pad Indicator
  7. Plugs after 1000 Miles @ SPEED in France .....
  8. Woo! New gas pedal is in. Slowly the little things are getting fixed. :)
  9. Where to get Scorpion or Stromung Exhausts??
  10. Lame sig, or not lame?
  11. TAP stage kits vs. Hoppen / Anderson (MTM)
  12. How much HP is enough?
  13. Grrr... Coolant loss!
  14. Anyone planning to attend Springfield, MA Audifest Sat Aug 2nd?
  15. Anyone replace the rear control arm bushings?
  16. 95 S6 Headlight bulb, OEM, is it an H1 or US 9005? would H1, euro lense help? no upgrade wire harnes
  17. Need two new front tires... I was thinking of going wider than stock. What size do you recommend?
  18. Best source for samcos and MTM chip?
  19. most of links don't work - or at least about half of them are toast. WTF?
  20. ECU Access
  21. Cody, stop messin around and just get this turbo already!! 8^)
  22. Stromung RSS exhaust update.
  23. Moving S car to SF.
  24. Shocks: Koni vs. Bilsteins
  25. Hello. This I just found on EBay. I alredy do have a GS (glass sunroof) but this offer seems too...
  26. WTB: 92-94 S4
  27. Need ideas on S6 Headlight upgrade or replacement lenses?
  28. RE: EvanUrS4, what size tires/rims are you runing?
  29. S6 Melange (cashmere/bronze/etc..) on P'tree Ind Blvd in Atlanta - you here?
  30. POLL: Who runs a boost controller? If so, what kind? Also how do you feel about it?
  31. S6 manual 6 or 5 speed; what is the difference (besides the gear ratios)?
  32. AudiWorld Merchandise now updated
  33. I FINALLY lowered my car.....sort of.
  34. Me and my buddy, head to head......
  35. Good morning.....just a random pic
  36. Pre-thinking about winter... what size snows do you guys run? I want to use the stock wheels for (m)
  37. I just had my Timing Belt serviced and now coolant is leaking
  38. Waterfest Audi Pics! (Including the SICKEST looking UrS4)
  39. T-jew : What do you use to clean your trim/bumper? The black on your car looks so clean.
  40. Thought Id share my WF pics..
  41. 91' 200 20V- Hesitates badly, cold or warm upon immediate acceleration
  42. Watch out for this seller on
  43. When and where is this "Northeast Event" I keep hearing about?
  44. My buddy just got a new toy, trying to follow my lead 8^P........
  45. Does anything seem unusual here?
  46. Simple suspension upgrade ideas for a 95 S6?
  47. Post Track Soft Pedal Fix...
  48. heres a couple of nice s models
  49. Me at Waterfest. 8^)
  50. This was by far the most awesome Audi at Waterfest IMO........
  51. Anyone done a comparison between S cars and A6 2.7
  52. 95 S6 Timing belt. I am at 60K/ 90K is recommended ex. due to 8 yrs old should I replace?
  53. whats the common fix for REAR HATCH rattle on 95 S6 Avant?
  54. Who has replaced entire exhaust including cats? What did you replace it with? TIA
  55. just returned from Waterfest...
  56. X-Post of AW rafting trip G2G info.
  57. New UrS4 owner...
  58. URS4Boy and others......any idea of how many 95 S6 Avants made it to the US? Trying to get a total.
  59. Mihnea ...... she`s running perfectly!
  60. Need to stiffen my S6/ could I consider Bilsteen Sports without changing springs out?
  61. Sport Seats 95 S6/ Can I get a non sport from junkyard/ sport seats hurt my lower back
  62. ECS Stage II Squeal Update...
  63. Pic from Second Creek Raceway
  64. Is this auction for a UrS4, A pillar boost gauge safe?
  65. Wanted: IR remote keyless entry key. Please email me.
  66. yeeeehaAAW! Got an AAN for my 1993 90 quat...
  67. Seats in the 95 S6!! 2 position switch and cant seem to get it right for my lower back? any others?
  68. Upcoming Drivers Ed in Charlotte NC
  69. Started my car this morning.... its squealing like an 87 caravan with bad belts... (more)
  70. Looking at a 95 S6 Avant with 64K. What can one expect to pay? question on car
  71. Too Hot!!!
  72. Who's the top dog on this forum.....I mean who's car has provided the most impressive results/#'s?
  73. My bad... :-) ...but I negotiated a freakin' good deal... informational only...
  74. Help on a P/N
  75. Porsche Brake Bracket Needed
  76. Got my ass handed to me today by a Miata..............
  77. Finally have an urS4 parked in my garage !
  78. HELP.............
  79. Track Day - Midwest
  80. Mihnea, did you recieve my latest email?
  81. what would you consider "normal" oil usage?
  82. Looking at a '95 S6
  83. Build date info...
  84. What you don't want to see when changing a timing belt. (long)
  85. WTB: instruent cluster
  86. Bubble in my tire
  87. Headlamps ... any manual adjustment?
  88. coil pack ?
  89. Anyone?
  90. Engine bay complete.....
  91. HELP! Miss under load...
  92. British Police introduce new S-car motoring "Fun-Killer" device ....
  93. I need these pieces does anybody have them for sale?
  94. 92 S4 for sale
  95. Anyone have a Passenger Side Light for a 96 A6/S6?
  96. Can someone post a pic of the backseat area? PLS TIA
  97. Error Code 2231 - Anyone aware of common cause?
  98. X-post: Pacific Northwest Audi Meetup Video! Surprisingly, lots of S-cars showed up:-)
  99. Anyone?
  100. Mark your calenders for Early July 2004! Mt. Washington Hillclimb is back on!
  101. RS2 turbo and chips are direct bolt ons, no?
  102. Anyone know the torque figures for the 4 allen bolts holding the spark plug cover down? TIA
  103. Help! Wife put in 87 octane gas yesterday and...
  104. Phone speaker pop
  105. Hey, bhs111, was it the.................
  106. short S4 night out vid:-)
  107. Best price on a new MAF? Anyone have a good experience? TIA
  108. Where can I get replacement trunk and grille badges for a 93 S4? TIA.
  109. Call for turbo Gurus
  110. Have fun guys
  111. Besides right at the ECU...where under the "hood" of the car can you "T" for a boost gauge?
  112. Just put in 710N BPV and...
  113. It was the Mass Air Sensor [MAS]!
  114. Anyone here from central PA?
  115. here she is.....any east coast Canadians out there?
  116. Your next Audi is featured on Speed Channel at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST
  117. How about this?
  118. Nine ways to help avoid speeding tickets
  119. susp. done-comments?
  120. Is there a fuse for the OEM phone, and......
  121. Need some suggestions.
  122. Finally! Saw a UrS car in SW PA.
  123. Buffalo Audi/VW GTG July 12th
  124. OK, what special tool do I need to change the's like digging for China.......
  125. Where is the moisture trap in vacuum line for '95.5 S6?
  126. Question to those running a 20v engine......
  127. Check those spark plug torque values every 5k, or else
  128. Samco Hose supplier
  129. Man, my car is getting up there.........turned 36,000 miles today 8^P
  130. For those of you who were having the "ECS Brake Squeal", found a solution that works......
  131. Should I be concerned if the lower hose.....
  132. Is here anybody from Chicagoland area?
  134. Help - Can anyone check ohms resistance on their MAF sensor?
  135. There is a UrS4 in NH at some junk yard, hit left front...
  136. Waterfest anyone?
  137. S4 headlight housings
  138. What do you guys use on your leather?..............Doing a detail this weekend and ......
  139. Just got an alignment... can i have the right rear camber adjusted more negative without it...
  140. if i work on the engine a lot itll look and move like an s4,...
  141. anybody here from SF Bay Area?
  142. New Sig, plus Pics from showing at the Wilde Honda Sport Compact Bash :)
  143. fuel leak
  144. Leaving for Poland and Italy today. I'm gone for 3 weeks. Everyone take care...
  145. Keith Maddock's group buy???
  146. Hey Josh...whats the word my man? You like your new turbo?!
  147. Now I believe it too ....
  148. Camber plates???
  149. can't remember who wanted to see the backside of the S2 x-member...
  150. Some cool vids from Dahlback racing....holy golf batman!!
  151. What year would be the best for S4/S6 models?
  152. Looks like Kurbin (motodyne) is trying to pass the Dahlback intake off as his own!
  153. Look what she's got for tea this evening! ....
  154. Boost Problem Cont'd; not vacuum hose or bypass vlv
  155. UnicomS4? Did ya want the CC head?
  156. Can someone describe exactly which piece the "Bump stop" is that I can remove in my rear Suspension?
  157. Replaced air filter and O2 sensor the other day but didn't drive until now. Car hauls even more a$$!
  158. Aftermarket Turbo Suggestions??
  159. RE: Will the Eibach's for 92-94 S4 fit 95 S6?
  160. Alright here she is. Sorry it's been a couple weeks since a wax job. Rear isn't fixed yet either.
  161. I feel like my car is going to break soon...
  162. What's going on here? .... Climate Control interface
  163. by pass valve
  164. Lightweight Flywheel
  165. Pics of my car are now in my pic poster...
  166. Location of crankcase breather? Is there a PCV valve?
  167. More RS Front Pics (Sign up started)
  168. Black S6 going through Glen Ellyn on Sunday- you on this forum.....
  169. Hose or bypass valve leak?
  170. Can anyone think of anything I could have done wrong on a suspension... (more)
  171. Well... I installed my suspension yesterday... here are some pics from the install. 56k beware.
  172. Canadian PacNW Audi Meet Report and Pix
  173. Tickets for the Seattle Historics Races and Audi Car Corral
  174. Looking for a urS4 in Cali.
  175. 'AirCon cooled' urS4 Intercooler?
  176. Fuel pressure regulator
  177. RE: Wind noise on high speeds resolved..., I unscrewed ...
  178. torqueing raceware head studs...
  179. ASW 3 bar chip and Stebro exhaust installed...
  180. "You want a 225/40/18 tyre" ... quote Goodyear Technical
  181. Unikom/Gary quick question...
  182. Cracked Manifold, lean condition?? RS2 Questions, etc.
  183. Noise coming from either gerabox or diff.
  184. Knock Sensor....anyone ever changed?
  185. So who was sitting in traffic on the mount hope bridge??? anyone from here???
  186. Good news, ECS Squeal minimized
  187. Cool Integrated Custom Boost Gage
  188. '93 driver's mirror glass won't fit in a '94, will it?
  189. Rubber - 245/40/18 ... anyone using on 8x18" rims?
  190. When working under the car, what are the correct spots for jackstands besides the jack points?? TIA
  191. AirDuct part number
  192. Where is HVAC air filter located?
  193. Hey Urs4boy, check out your magazines for this one...
  194. should i get this S6-95
  195. Vermont Audi owners-
  196. Repost: But a classic story..that cannot be forgotten ;-)
  197. Crazy S4
  198. E46 M3 Encounter....
  199. best place to buy bilsteins, H&R springs?
  200. Anyone heard of a Durabilt-made RS2 clone turbo?
  201. New rims & boots .....
  202. Dahlback Racing Open Air Intake....
  203. Anyone have a nice "how to" on cleaning your MAF? TIA
  204. 94 S4 Air intake duct/hose
  205. DOes anyone have a pics of either a '92 S4 with stock springs, or pics of one with H&R race?
  206. Reminder: NorCal Audi Club Marin drive June 21, 2003, 10AM
  207. 3rd Annual Audi Owners Gathering!
  208. Someone should really grab this up!
  209. What do you guys think would be a fair price for a pristine CF interior?
  210. Replaced X plug on PS pump today too!
  211. Changed 02 sensor today and the air filter.
  212. Carbon Fibre Trim Source
  213. Which UrS4 would YOU buy ? Long
  214. TAP Chip
  215. What does this plug into?
  216. Those of you with the phone option...
  217. anyone know how much the 'Happersized' rear sway bar compares to the stock '92 bar?
  218. Upgrades on da way :)
  219. Not a Benz - you still around? I sent you an email about that flywheel last week.
  220. Boost Gauge
  222. Well I don't think my 02 sensor was being too effective...
  223. My car is throwing the code.......
  224. SHOW ME YOUR S!
  225. Can you say 402 HP and 393 ft lbs at the WHEELS?!
  226. Climate control magic
  227. Air duct connection
  228. radio doesn't work
  229. attn: Urs4Boy and other Pacific NorthWest ppl
  230. SSR's and BIRA
  231. Need some help with codes.....
  232. Anyone with a '92 got oem springs left over from upgrading to h&r's or eibachs?
  233. Any idea of what my stock G60 brakes are worth????...They've only got 34K on them......
  234. 20vt Waterpump Measurements
  235. Wiper Wiring Diagrams or Pin Colors
  236. Is it possible to burn copies of the factory CD Rom repair manual ?
  237. First Impresions
  238. SEQSHIFT - sequential shifting
  239. Power steering fluid...
  240. 1995 S6 for Sale in Vancouver
  241. Is it possible to connect factory CD changer to aftermarket deck?
  242. Any one altered alignment settings from factory specs?
  243. 6 speed internal gear box noise?
  244. 92 Sunroof, Is it possible to swap in the later year glass roof?
  245. What universal oxygen sensor will work with the UrS4?
  246. Agent Cialowicz...
  247. x-post: picture of the type 44 from the recent video posted by UrS4boy =)
  248. LLTEK RS Front (Pricing info Posted)
  249. Arm the alarm but no sound from horn?
  250. CD changer from 100 will work in UrS4?

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