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Default A4 1.8T experts....

I have a 99 A4 2.8, and I'm looking to get an A4 1.8T. Past 1.8T owners have told me the engine has on going problems with leaking oil...is this true? I want to sell my 2.8 because the maintenance is killing me, but I'm not sure if the 1.8T would be any more help by reducing maintenance costs....what do you suggest? Thanks in advance
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Default not oil leaks -- oil sludge

which can be avoided by regular changes and the larger filter.

maintenance on the 1.8t is worse than on the V6, trust me -- and everyone else on the B5 forum. there are WAY more parts involved in the forced induction setup that can go bad.

if maintenance is an issue, get a car with a warranty or something other than an Audi.
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Default Re: A4 1.8T experts....

DUDE i just bought a 1.8T 2 weeks ago and put about 3000 into the motor...this is the break down if the the person before you didnt take care of it....

Timining belt MUST CHANGE if previous didnt...
Check-out the oil screen behind the oil pan, clean it out as desposits can be built up
Syntetic oil reduces the sludge
Turbos are known to burn out due to low oil pressure, if i were you i would only get the 18.t if the previous guy did the timing belt change otherwise thats $950 expense right off the bat next day! take the valve cover off see if there are carbon despoits that will help to see if there was a sludge problem...and most of all spend hte 100 bucks if you are really interested in the car, take it to the dealer and have them run a through test, including a computer diog on it, and there is a open recall on it that the dealer will do for free...it checks the timing belt, basically there are going to check if the car has the tensioner etc or the old one! if its old, then they will recomend changing it...
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Default honda

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Old 04-23-2006, 04:50 PM
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