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Old 01-28-2006, 07:20 PM   #1
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Default Product Review - Auto Glym Ultra Deep Polish

You see the thing is I'm always sceptical regarding the hype surrounding new products.

One of my associates has been continually bugging me in regards to this product

"You have to try it, without doubt the best there is on the Australian market for sure" - SCG

"I have enough polish already, maybe next year" - Quattro4Life

"I'll bet you a ride in your TT this is the best product you have ever used, 100 %, for sure, you can count on it, you can write it down, that's a fact!" - SCG

"I'm not buying into the hype...give me a free bottle and I'll think about it" - Q

"If I give you a free one - you go home and use it today, as in now" - SCG

"Hmmm...alright, I have to clean her any way I guess...I'll call you later" - Q

"You better call me later, because I'll take that ride tonight!"


First you wash you car with a straight front to back motion to avoid swirl marks after a heavy rinse to remove as much surface dirt and dust as possible.

Than you chamios dry in the shade to let the paintwork cool.

Then it is time for a paint clean product - apply with professional automotive polisher.

Polish off turning the cloth and shaking out the excess polish as often as you can.

Then it is time for a rinse and chamios dry in the shade again.

Now comes Auto Glym 'Ultra Deep Shine' polish (formulated especially for dark paint colours and shades i.e. Black) - apply with professional automotive polisher

Polish of with professional automotive polisher.

Time for another rinse and final chamios dry.


You go against everything you have ever been taught and touch you car...Holy mother of God, i don't believe it!

For you single guys (and you older guys in beige cardigans) you will need to cast your minds back and imagine the skin of your size 6 to 8, 19 year old goddess of a girlfriend (if you never had one of that calibre flick through a magazine) - it's flawless! Remember the texture of the small of her back, her inner thighs...then feel the paint =P

(Ok my Girlfriend would kill me if she knew she was the basis for the comparison but damn that black paint if fine, not to mention were all the extra $eX drive came from all of a sudden)

The paint is so, so smooth I almost need to grab a tissue...I still don't believe it.

I'm sliding my hand over every single panel and the result is the same - the hype is justified!

Do yourselves a favour, buy it, try it, be amazed - then go give your missus a special cuddle =P

Drive safe people...


Weapon of choice - A4 Quattro, Race Track of Choice - The Streets, Weather of Choice - Torrential Rain (Quattro), Driving Song of Choice - Fueled by Adrenaline (Kazzer)

2002 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro B6 110kw

Mods in Chronological Order:

Super Leggera Race Silver 18 x 8 (now repaired thanks to All Wheel Mag Repairs), Pirelli P Zero Nero's, B&M Short Shifter, Stripped Interior (rear only), Odyssey PC 680 (from Peninsula Race Gear), Whiteline 22mm Rear Swaybar, GIAC Flash (from Lucas Lozo), RDA Slotted Rotors, EBC Green Stuff Pads (from Ingolstadt Autosport), Intercooler Water Spray Kit (from Ingolstadt Autosport), Lots of go fast stickers from my sponsors & Browny (www.rettro.com). EC 2:07:091 Street Tyres (ST), WP 1:18:3270 (ST)

Sold=..( 2002 Black TT Quattro 1.8T 165kw (225 bhp)

Mods in Chronological Order:

Remus Muffler, Whiteline Automotive Sway Bars, H & R 20mm F and 22mm R Wheel adapters, Super Leggera Race Silver 18 x 8, Pirelli P Zero Rosso, Striped Interior, Whiteline Circuit Springs, ECS Stage 2 Big Brake Kit F & R. EC 2:00:010 (ST), WP 1:17:0900 Standard Vehicle

Sold =..( 2000 Silver B5 1.8T 132 Kw

Mods in Chronological Order:

Remus Muffler, 3 inch Custom Exhaust from Turbo, EBC Red Stuff Pads, EBC Slotted Rotors (front only), BMC Panel Filter, Custom vented wheel wells, Super Leggera Race Silver 18 x 8, Pirelli P Zero Nero's, APR Snub Mount, ECS Under Drive Pulley, Electric fan kit.
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Old 02-04-2006, 12:18 PM   #2
Black A4TQ
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Default One word.....Zymol

Work - Audi S Line Avant
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Default Hard to believe it would be better than the Klasse twins with P21s over. What were u using b4?

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Old 02-04-2006, 05:54 PM
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