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Audi allroad Discussion forum for the original Audi allroad

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Old 03-01-2006, 08:58 AM   #11
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Default here to....4Runner to allroad

2010 Q7 TDI, Ibis White, Prestige, Adaptive Air, Cold Weather, Tow

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2006 A4 Avant, S-Line w/ DTM front bumper

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Old 03-01-2006, 09:02 AM   #12
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Default yep...allroad replaced 2 cars for me...Explorer and Lincoln LS..


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Old 03-01-2006, 09:02 AM   #13
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Default Nappy: define ..."better and nicer" rant to follow

for those of us who got their ar's new (And I'm betting we all paid roughlylow 40's to high 40's) there is nothing remotely on the market that did/does what this vehicle can do at that price. There aint nothing better or nicer pretty much at any price. Interior: not too many interiors compare with the allroad's, other than some exotics or other Audis. Performance -- the potential is almost limitless really depending upon what you want to do, tho it aint bad out of the box, especially in 6speed form. sorry to pick on you but thats why we're all pissed. Most especilly if you drive a 6 speed, YOU CULDNT THEN, AND YOU CAN NOT NOW BUY AN EQUIVALENT CAR FOR ANY MONEY. forget aboout better or nicer. If Audi had done ANY marketing of it, the allroad would have done so much better that they woud have a really loyal, but larger following who would jump to buy the next edition of the allroad. I get steamed just thinking about how they effed up. I mean they could have a hybrid version by now -- or some other green technology crossover that would be so perfect now with oil at 60 bucks a barrel. It would be the anti-suV. If only they actually spent a litte time on product development rather than just throwing it out there as a stop-gap. If it were just a piece of junk then i could understand it. Their problem is that they did too good a job putting the alroad together in the first place. ugghh
gone - but not forgotten
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Old 03-01-2006, 09:03 AM   #14
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Default The allroad never seemed to find a place in the US...

I was checking the audi site and an A6 can be configured with air suspension much like the allroad so I think with the Q7, chances are slim we'll see an allroad in the US. We were in Canada last summer and I was surprised at the attention the allroad received. Valet people were fighting over who would take or get the car, and everyone commented on how they would like to get one. I would be interested to see if Canada is getting it. AUDI was always a stealthy car company, which is nice if you don't want everyone to know what a nice car you drive, but it might not sell as many cars as it flashier competitors. AUDI is obviously moving in a less conservative direction which means they're looking for non-audi customers to get new sales. I can see AUDI saying- if you want a real SUV buy the Q7, and if you want a capable station wagon buy the A6 with the air suspension. I guess AUDI doesn't think of Subaru as a competitor, although list members seem to be giving them a look. There is a market for an allroad like vehicle but AUDI never really pursued it like it could have.
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Old 03-01-2006, 09:09 AM   #15
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Default :-)

02 6sp, premium, park, cold.

1. Formula One ceramic tint 15% rears, 35% fronts
2. Audi load bars and ski rack.
3. H-Sports (Hard).
4. Ice-Link.
5. 628 delete
6. 710N's
8. 402 delete.
9. Stoptech 332 BBK, rear sport stops, steel lines.
10. H&R 20mm DRA spacers w/ OEM 5spokes.
1. 18x8.5 summer set.
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Old 03-01-2006, 09:11 AM   #16
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Default Hard to find them in temperate climates. In northern states they prove themselves on a daily basis.

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Hell is where...

The cooks are British
The mechanics are French
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Old 03-01-2006, 09:13 AM   #17
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Default guys...just take your comments and clean them up a bit..and e-mail them off.

Johan.deNysschen@audi.com Exec VP CEO of AoA
Filip.Brabec@audi.com Product Planning
Wolfgang.Hoffmann@audi.com Prodcut Planning

At least you know you will have tried. They are listening..Wheather they act in our favor..only time will tell, but comments from the 'roaders will only help.

You don't want me to invite them here, right? We'd all have to clean up our signatures....

4/23/11: S4 Premium Plus, S'Tronic, Nav, Titanium body

Original Ride:
Bought New May 2003 allroad 2.7t 6 Speed
Sold @ 217,856 miles on April 23, 2011

-Mod/Repair Log
2400 Miles 5/28/11
New Conti Extreme DWS A/S Tires--smooths out the ride
OEM Dipstick--Need to see and smell the oil
OEM Rubber Mats--Look better than Stock Carpet and last longer
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Old 03-01-2006, 09:25 AM   #18
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Default me three

- glidar

My fuel log | Factory trailer hitch installation guide | VAG Locator | allroad FAQ | Where is we?

Repair/Mod Log
11/2008 111000 mi: Replaced window lockout switch block in armrest. Replaced power steering pump.
7/2008 108000 mi: Steering pump bolts left loose after TB change caused bolt to shear and bracket to break, causing ribbed belt to come off. Drilled out & replaced bolt, reinstalled belt. Replaced rotted BPV control hoses.
3/2008: Replaced front axles (Raxles)
12/2007: Continental Winter Contact 225/55-17.
6/2007: Cleared recurring ABS code (by SCR).
4/2007: Replaced turn signal stalk, hazard relay, and clock-spring connector.
2/2007: Replaced EGT sensors.
2/2007: Replaced broken mirror switch.
12/2006: Replaced left front CV boot.
10/2006: Replaced right front air spring.
9/2006: APR.
8/2006: Kumho ECSTA ASX 225/55-17.
7/2006: Changed timing belt, water pump, etc.
4/2006: Replaced leaking coolant expansion tank.
2/2006: Replaced front rotors & pads (Zimmerman plain & Mintex RB)
11/2005: Falken Ziex 512 trashed at 15,000 miles
3/2005: Left front air spring, compressor & control unit replaced under warranty.
2/2005: Installed H-sport sway bars.
8-12/2004: Left front fully deflates 50% of the time; remains inflated 50% of the time.
8/2004: First suspension deflation (left front). Reinflated fine; no codes.
7/2004: Replaced tie rod ends with ECS heavy duty. Installed trailer hitch.
6/2004: Falken Ziex 512 225/55-17. Front lower left control arm replaced by dealer -- didn't fix squeek.
4/2004: Front mud flaps
3/2004: 710N BPVs
3/2004: VAG-COM
2/2004: Servotronic 605 relay removed
1/2004: 2001 allroad 2.7T 6-speed Highland Green with third-row seat

Squawk List
as of 10/2007
Lumbar adjustment inop on driver's side
Safety switch on armrest for rear windows won't stay down.
Missing lines in DIL.
Instrument panel/glareshield squeek.
Intermittent HVAC fan noise.
Peeling passenger armrest.
Erratic rear wiper.
Fart sound from (yes) the rear.
A/C smell.
Rear bumper paint chipped by backing into sign.
Sun visor plastic bearing broken off.
Clunk from rear suspension.
Windshield washer doesn't spray driver's side much.
Slight on-center play in steering.
Speaker in both driver-side doors cut out intermittently.
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Old 03-01-2006, 09:34 AM   #19
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Default I hate to say it, but he has a very strong point here; you really don't want to compete too close

against yourself in your own backyard.
The allroad filled the spot for the time that Audi needed to come with a matching, US demands meeting vehicle - the Q7.

And reading between lines will leave us with 2 options: take the Q7 or get the A6.

One thing is sure: the term "a dime a dozen" will not apply to our allroads, there aren't just too many left in the US. So it will become a rare item over time....and who knows...maybe keep it's value much longer than expected.

Paul, Thank you very much for sharing!!

Ouh...BTW...some of the details we wont get ;-)

Every good driver has bugs stuck to his door windows - do it sideways ;-)

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or the ACNA-NJ Chapter
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Old 03-01-2006, 09:48 AM   #20
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Default Me as well, replaced a Porsche 993 and a GMC Jimmy

Although I still have an Acura MDX SUV.
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Old 03-01-2006, 09:48 AM
Audi R8

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