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  1. Pics from our recent Pines to Palms Drive
  2. Thanks to Ursoccer and everyone else who helped me with fluids
  3. Anyone heard how the Hapster is doing with his MOTEC install with Davey?
  4. Opinions on Elf synthetic oil?
  5. OK, so who here lives in VT? How do you like it?......
  6. Hahahah turns out the Crispy ChikAAN has never had the KY recall for the fuel line...
  7. Something bad happened to Tom? I hope not.
  8. KoupeKrazy sent me this vid...
  9. so i think my gas mileage went up significantly since my head rebuild adventure
  10. GD OIL PLUG!!!
  11. Re: Opinions on LubroMoly oil. Found a local distributor that carries a full line of this brand.
  12. Thinking about getting another car so I can do repeair myself - dealer is too expensive. Any ideas?
  13. VAG..
  14. This is why I need a power rear sunshade (video)
  15. I need to let her go guys...
  16. Notes for folks installing the Bosch high-flow 005 or 044 pumps
  17. Re: Finally got all the parts for the front suspension rebuild...need help..
  18. RE: Is the subframe bent???....
  19. Is there a special tool to align the driveshaft / bearing.I have replaced the clutch and now have..
  20. New subframe bushings installed today. Woo.
  21. Fog Light Disfunction
  22. I tried to fit my S4 cluster in the S6 casing so I could have those cool rings.
  23. I cleaned my headlight projectors tonight using Dave F's instructions from
  24. Hap would like this one...
  25. Anyone needs a pair of 10mm spacers for the rear shocks?
  26. This is an example of the tubular exhaust manifold a freind and I are making for my car.
  27. so my car burns about 2.5-3 quarts every 5,000 miles on synthetic oil
  28. I have Quaker State 5/40 Euro car synthetic in car, need to top off about 1/2-3/4 quart is it ok
  29. What's everyone's favorite picture of their car?
  30. FS: 1993 Audi urS4 300 hp w/upgrades
  31. Re: Can't find any info on the position of the inner 2 sway bar bushings(mounted tot the subframe)
  32. the Detroit Audi Gruppe is putting together a rally around Lake Michigan
  33. woot...i have windshield washers again
  34. Draining coolant, questions.
  35. Got my oil plug off, thanks Fireblade!!!
  36. does any one make a 3" replacment dp?
  37. The "S" made an appearance at a local get together... then she blew a coolant hose =P
  38. a few leaks (ive posted about them before but have a few questions)
  39. PSA about removing cell phone antenna
  40. Any of you guys here....silver car towars the end
  41. And so it begins... Project "S4 Refresh"
  42. Audi Club Northwest track day at PIR
  43. ooh, new toy to play with
  44. pulled 4 codes from ecu
  45. Recommended S-Car mechanic in Portland, OR area?
  46. Oil Warning Light (False Positive?)
  47. Need to find one of the two wheels inside for summer coming up!
  48. Score!
  49. David A (95 black S6), passed you today (E.Greenwich RI)
  50. Easy way to do CPS on 93 s4...
  51. Iddle problem
  52. Any wagon guys ever replace any hatch wiring?? My right reverse light doesnt work
  53. What's the current consensus on suspension upgrades?
  54. bob, what happened with my headlight sprayer?
  55. does anyone have the contact info for the gentleman from jersey with the Red urs6 sedan 500+hp
  56. Does anyone on here have the tmtek clutch kit and or know someone who does?
  57. ICV for sale!!!
  58. fuel line recall (dave f. !!!)
  59. My sad little story...
  60. I'm leaking
  61. Alex... Do you have any Wastegate Diaphragms available??? I need one yesterday!
  62. 92-94 S4's come stock with Bosch F5DPOR spark plugs correct? Do you guys know the Audi dealer part
  63. what is the bolt spacing for the caliper carrier to strut bolts for the front?
  64. Rear bearing question
  65. has anyone heard of or had an aluminum flywheel come apart from stress
  66. Coolant Leak
  67. Got my thermostat in. fixed my leaks (i think) Got some picture questions.
  68. Terminal velocity question for those that have tried
  69. found this old post about Oil Capacity
  70. V8 torsen FS
  71. Found this on craigs list
  72. some folks wanted to see pics of the euro sport springs... not the best but here you go.
  73. Wooo hoooo!!! No more DRLs on my car. The HIDzzzzzzzzzz are happy.
  74. Thanks to Sean D. I have manufactured a new "pin" for my flywheel. My dad is going to weld it on
  75. S2 coupe from Buddyracing
  76. Susp modification pics:
  77. Suspension bushing ( metal with rubber inside )...
  78. Hey thermo, your cats are in my car.
  79. failed emmisions 97 a6q. 2.8 v6
  80. where is the bulb in the ash tray located? is there one bulb to light ash tray and bin below?
  81. My temp gauges work now! could use some help with after run stuff (Dave F? :P)
  82. Engine/Tranny/Snub mounts. Fix a shifting problem?
  83. coolant?
  84. car pulls to the left under hard accel. in 2nd, all tierods new and alignment done
  85. I have removed my AC and i need to know the Size
  86. Nice! Blew up my V8 diff last night.
  87. Oh no, my Warranty is Voided ! What will the dealer say ?
  88. Is this normal??? Water Temp Pics Inside!
  89. What's on squared display in the IC center right below "OK" display? Mine dosn't show anything...
  90. X-Post: My $1.88 Boost Leak finder :-)
  91. how much boost can a stock k24 realistically handle?
  92. Lost power (boost) at full op temp this morning, then took WAY too many cranks to start at night..
  93. Dave, you're becoming a worldwide known figure.
  94. New wastegate spring
  95. so what's the story on HID conversions?
  96. So earlier I took the S6 for a 30 minute drive to warm her up good from a cold state...
  97. Anyone have a spare WG Diaphragm? I'll need it when I pull my WG apart to put in my new
  98. Wow, AutohuasAZ really does have rock bottom prices.
  99. And something else for those of us considering a head rebuild
  100. I was interested in this car....
  101. Free advice: replace your coolant tank with the Audi part only. The aftermarket one sucks.
  102. The S4 is running again . WOo hoo! My dad successfully welded in a new "pin" through the starter
  103. HIDz + new lenses + clean projectors + disabled DRLs + no warning in the autocheck + no cut wires=
  104. doing CV boots, couple questions
  105. One bad catalytic converter......what are the options?
  106. Which color coolants can I mix the Pentosin G11 blue with?
  107. Proof that a wheel in the air will NOT leave you stranded with quattro
  108. *Spotted* Natick, MA Clean black S6 with euro bumpers/rear plate recess and winters....
  109. Mileage poll again: 128K
  110. It breathes!!!
  111. finished my CV boots... pretty sweet :) one of my ball joints is cracked..
  112. Have fun finding that..
  113. One week to go for Audi Club NW Track day registration @ Portland!
  114. possible to check injectors?
  115. Why is the 1993 audi s4 quattro so heavy?
  116. Part Number cast onto RS2 Exhaust Manifold?
  117. Wheres Repeater? Hope all is ok.
  118. slight stutter at high boost (>25psi)
  119. ugh, new battery is draining now..
  120. DRLs are easy to add for anyone who wants to import a car to Canada.
  121. Funny VAG video for VW...
  122. Im putting in a new T-stat. TIPS????????
  123. Couldn't handle the cold?
  124. Installed HIR bulbs: a little better then sliverstars, but now way 75% of HID....
  125. has anyone modded their gas pedal? i dont really like how it has that spring on it..
  126. OT: Anyone know about Porsche 944S? Looking at one for the wife. Input appreciated.
  127. Its alive!!!
  128. Posted to Marketplace...
  129. Talk about a Crispy S4.
  130. going to chris semple's wedding tomorrow, so if any of you sucka's needed parts....
  131. The Quattro Story
  132. Detailed up the S4 for a little photoshoot with the local car club.
  133. well no luck finding a short (tozom8??)
  134. this is why my car wasnt warming up....
  135. boost gauge install is complete!
  136. spiralsmurf: YGM!
  137. Man, it's a good thing Audi didn't bring this car over to the States, it woudl have never sold.
  138. misinformed Vortexer makes fun of Javad
  139. VAG commercials are very funny!!!
  140. Greetings from Tampa!!!
  141. Believe it or not, but there are over 200 parts in this picture!
  142. Anyone besides Skolnick got lots of parts kickin around?
  143. Interesting discovery about my "RS2" software...
  144. Phew, I'm back...what a crazy two weeks....
  145. Did a test drive A6 2.7T 6spd
  146. On a difficulty scale of 1-10, how bad is replacing the heater core?
  147. RS2 Fuel Pump
  148. Go for this or not....Q for you 20vT boys...
  149. has anyone w/ ecru int. made the centers of the seats black?
  150. Blower Motor Squeak
  151. ...
  152. Leak transmission 1992 S4
  153. Sunday bling - WG Cap
  154. RE: Front suspension rebuild is completed....
  155. To end the gauge discussion... Greddy sucks too Forgie! If you want functionality -
  156. Re: Could POS's get damaged from improper use of multimeter on the terminals and plugs on firewall.
  157. Anybody got a C4 A6/S6 pass-side HL washer jet & cover for sale? Pref black.
  158. What lowered spring do you using?
  159. Karl, My fuel consumption jumped up almost 4 mpg after replacing the fan clutch. Thanks again!
  160. What is the uses of after running pump?
  161. rear diffs do not like shock! kabooooooooom
  162. It wanted a bath... I was bored on Friday!
  163. Trying to cover all replacement bulbs
  164. Specs on 993tt caliper bolts?
  165. OT - What was the first year of the BMW M5, E39 imported to NA?
  166. Wastegate cap needed....
  167. RE: Checked the fuse above ECU, it's good. Used the POS from...
  168. Where is the best place to buy a stromung exhaust from?
  169. The skid plate is a lot easier to take off than put on.
  170. How much should I expect to get for a used RS2 EM?
  171. Someone hit my car. Boston+30mi radius for great bodyshops? Other than Dick's?
  172. Dyno tested my car last Saturday. Pics and videos inside. (BWW)
  173. avant rear wiper issues
  174. FMIC Ducting wit da BLING!!!
  175. RE: Today followed the entire procedure in Bentley uder section,,,,
  176. Interesting Boost Issue
  177. Another A4 1.8t coil pack conversion
  178. What i'll be driving for the next year while the S4 is in storage.
  179. WTB Eibach 1529.140? I know they're discontinued, but ....
  180. anyone have a pic of a yellow S2 like emry just posted? that link is dead now
  181. car is gonna sit in garage untouched for 6-8 weeks, should I do anything?
  182. Low Boost Question
  183. "borrowing" a mechanic's bay to do subframe bushings. suggestions on what else to do while there?
  184. are OEM brakes on the urs4/6 the same as a c4 a6....
  185. so, I guess I'll start with the VCG
  186. anyone have an extra badge for the front grille that i may purchase???
  187. Super nice lookin S4 for sale but look at the price 8^o
  188. Trouble with brake pad wear sensor
  190. Ipod integration in a 95 S6 with a Gamma CC Radio
  191. Electrical cutout when ABS activates.
  192. Suspenssion again....
  193. Anything negative regarding serp. bearing replacement?
  194. For all you NW Gearheads coming to Burien Washington Audi Expo June 24th.
  195. I am selling my S6.
  196. HELP:electr. problem; display clim.contrl, wipers off ->rest is on
  197. What would you guys pay for a set of 5-spoke 16x7.5 A4 wheels with...
  198. does anybody know if the PN for the RPM sensor and crank sensor is the same??
  199. where can i find an emblem for the front grill?
  200. 92.8mm crank
  201. Love is in the air...
  202. Puttering?
  203. ok guys, help for battery drain (tozom8 i have update for u)
  204. As the project nears completion,,,
  205. Audi S2
  206. An electrical short has made itself prevalent now...
  207. Hey, my post about the firewall plastic cover was deleted????
  208. Does anybody here have the Ned Ritchie exhaust manifold?
  209. Suspension question?
  210. woohoo, my 1.8t coil conversion parts came in!
  211. 1.8 bar wastegate spring measurement please
  212. should i have a factory cd changer and silver box would anyone be interested?
  213. A few questions?
  214. vid for you S1 fans
  215. another vid for you S1 fans (edited for stupidity)
  216. Installed Poly Snub Mount, got some questions
  217. More BLING...
  218. Question: What size R Compound tire for the OEM 16" wheels. One of the tire calculators I'm using
  219. Fault code help!
  220. Ok, maybe a wastegate problem
  221. Tech Session by Audi Club NW and Speedware
  222. My water temp will not go above 85c, even after hours of driving
  223. Looking at a URS4, What would you pay?
  224. Part # on the UrS4 headligt harness?
  225. What's a fair price for 95.5 S6 Avant
  226. Retarded question: How do I remove the shift boot?
  227. Overheating a Urs4
  228. Which rotor will fit with 993 non-turbo calipers?
  229. got my snub mount housing adjusted, didnt have to take off my mount
  230. 93 s4 upgrades
  231. REPOST: anyone with Wastegate Spring Mod had momentatry severe deceleration under WOT/Full-Boost?
  232. getting spark
  233. Snap ring size on wheel hub?
  234. the warning display in my dash dimmed when I started the car this evening and it still hasnt
  235. Dave F - Fuel pump is in and my back is in some serious pain ;-)..
  236. Has anyone performed an analyticat test on all of the replacement bypass valves
  237. Link to fuel pump replacement procedure. Don't forget steps 3 and 4 or you will wear...
  238. any pointers for R&R of VCG?
  239. Engine stalling...need DTC advice
  240. after replacing pump to bomb hose yet another PS leak
  241. Sleeved the snubby mount.. wow!!
  242. Scary - Electrical short found...
  243. Drive axle bolts - is it XZN-8 or XZN-9 (triple square)?
  244. Just returned from a week in sunny I would love to have their roads! My suspension...
  245. spark plug gap for 93 s4?
  246. So the S is going into semi-hybernation....
  247. Anyone have a rear inner cv-joint that they don't need "good one" and as always cheap!!! Thnx.
  248. battery drain woes...
  249. So how reliable is your UrS car?
  250. Where to find replacement body parts for 92 S4?