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  1. Model interchangeability questions
  2. These guys have Samco hose kits for $307
  3. Another Audi tool supplier,
  4. Clear corner lenses 4 93????
  5. Went to have a look at an S4 today
  6. Anyone know of a good place to get my clutch replaced in CT?
  7. RS2'd UrS4 passes AirCare with flying colours (again)
  8. Goal 400 hp
  9. OT - joined a Scion forum....
  10. S-Fest East?
  11. Calgary UrS-heads: I will be in Calgary on the evening of Mon. June 22. GTG?
  12. Royal Purple anyone?
  13. cheap 1.8T coils... for anyone running them
  14. Gorgeous S6 Avant Pictures in Colorado
  15. Rough Idle, Smells bad
  16. Clearing the ECU?
  17. Bypass / Diverter Valve noise
  18. I have white paint all over the side of my car. How do I get it off?
  19. Anyone know if Steffen ships bumpers?
  20. Questions about painting the whole car
  21. euro front bumper
  22. Quick thank you
  23. Dead on Road today
  24. Front and rear wheel bearing, the same part?
  25. Hitch Installation Procedure
  26. Need to vent!!!
  27. urs6 finds new home in nashville!
  28. PSA: Just say no to clear bras
  29. Autocross in S6, advice?
  30. Rear Deck Lip for 1995 S6
  31. 94 s4
  32. S-Fest West 2009 - August 15th 2009 - Registration Site
  33. My 93 is a 92!!
  34. How to remove speed cable?
  35. preferred methond of flushing cooling system?
  36. What the hell does this hitch ACTUALLY belong to?
  37. Motor repairs complete...kinda disappointed.
  38. Can urS4/S6 run a staggered wheel fitment?
  39. can't change my oil and its coming due!
  40. T40E
  41. What are some symptoms of problems with the cats?
  42. Anybody in the midwest/rocky mtn region ever think about an //S Fest rocky mountains?
  43. PSA: Colorado UrS / Any 5 Banger GTG Saturday July 25th in the foothills above Golde
  44. PSA: If you're not sure of the source of bad engine noises, assume the worst...
  45. a/c controller not working..(details inside)
  46. x-plug failure -- how soon?
  47. a/c controller not working..(details inside)
  48. Gas gauge stuck on empty.
  49. Digital Boost Gauge from Auber
  50. wheel bearing replacement hints
  51. When I steer I get an awful squeal/squeek at low speed.
  52. 1995 S6 gas cap source?
  53. What would you do with $10,000?
  54. What chips were available in 1995?
  55. r12 capacity for a/c
  56. S-Fest West 2009 - August 15th 2009 - Registration and Sponsor Announcement
  57. Anyone in a state with 4 seasons running an all season tire year round?
  58. Oil filter change, not enough room for standard wrench.....
  59. Please turns during acceleration!!
  60. Brake upgrade??
  61. I have a bad habbit of leaving tools under the hood of my car...for weeks.
  62. Gauge Pod options
  63. Vent Mount for Boost Gauge
  64. Anyone got a link for otc kits.
  65. brake failure - intermittent?
  66. I just finished the in dash vent servo r/r
  67. Green S6 Avant in Swampscott during the fireworks tonight?
  68. on going crank/no start issue
  69. newbie with HID trouble!
  70. Factory 6 speed shift knob...
  71. Help a noob! Just bought URS6 in great shape xcept for 3-4 gears. Mechanics in CT/MA
  72. Aftermarket Remote Control Trouble
  73. Sunday quiz: Which wheel bolt style is correct for OE Audi wheels? Photo inside
  74. Running 4 cylinders I believe, need some advice to continue forward.
  75. AC compressor wont stay on.
  76. 105K Service
  77. Trunk won't open. Glad to be back!
  78. Instrument cluster wont light up
  79. Any CPS's left over from GB?
  80. S6 Rear Bump Stops are GONE
  81. Which turbo to get!!!
  82. Adjusting gearlinkage Audi URs4 5spd.
  83. 2Bennett Brake Kit - dissected
  84. OBDI code reader?
  85. I need a good definition s6 logo image..
  86. Car out of storage - won't run/stumbles bad
  87. reviews tell me what you think
  88. i think its the fuel pump
  89. G 28 Engine Speed Sensor Fault Code
  90. Need ECU for 95.5 S6
  91. Is it the "michelin man"? ..(boost leak)
  92. Spotted green UrS6 in Stowe VT today....Across from Macks.
  93. 2 MORE UrS cars spotted in Stowe VT.
  94. S-Fest West 2009 - August 15th 2009 - Registration and Sponsor Announcement
  95. Any advice: going to have insurance co. look at my car.
  96. UrS4Boy...
  97. I have access to an S6 avant parts car.
  98. GT3071R to Stromung downpipe issues
  99. Rear OE exhaust part numbers (for EDIGREG)
  100. Rear suspension parts re: sway bar
  101. Decisions
  102. Under hood temps.
  103. UrS4 rear diff service?? any how-tos?
  104. KDay, shoot me an email. I need to grab my hoist. Thx.
  105. Looking to buy Mint S6. Anyone wanna sell?
  106. Anyone have a spare V8 torsen diff they're looking to get rid of?
  107. wheres weldo?
  108. anyone have a good steering rack forsale
  109. Is there a difference in the voltage reg. between 95.5's and older models?
  110. Anyone actually got paid back their money?
  111. Anyone from the Uk, could you help me out?
  112. Anyone have a Detailed How-to for Bleeding the Big Reds?
  113. OT: Rally!
  114. //SFest 2009 Aug 29th.... game on!
  115. S-Fest West Shop is Open! Get all your gear early!
  116. Cruise control vacuum pump....
  117. Odd Headlight Issue - 93 UrS4 (Canadian model)
  118. Stock boost UrS4?
  119. Differential Lock UrS4
  120. I STFA for the diy pressure test instructions but cant find the thread...
  121. Vacuum Supply Pump and Power Lock Question
  122. Anybody looking for a CAI?
  123. Reminder: Colorado UrS Gathering this Weekend, July 25th. Let me know if you did NOT
  124. Ur-S Import Statistics
  125. who can help w/ a carfax??? thx in advance
  126. Anybody have a 'magic silver box' for the cd changer they want to sell?
  127. Cd Changers Etc
  128. Rebuilding Head
  129. Anyone have a set of lowering springs and shocks they want to sell?
  130. VEMS with stock S4
  131. Looking for opinions on 034 coolant hose kit for S6...
  132. Frustrating miss / cutout under no specific condition
  133. Bad ECU anyone?
  134. hesitation issues, compression test?'s
  135. I just replaced my CC unit, how do you erase the error code memory?
  136. Max PSI for stock fuelling/ecu
  137. I got the resonator removed from the exhaust today
  138. Anyone know anything about the S6 Avant at Force5?
  139. 034 Stage 1 chipset impressions (now that it's sorted)
  140. Audi Ur S4 S6 Timing Belt Replacement Kit 20 Valve $50 OFF
  141. 93 Urs4 transmission issues.Lost 1st and 2nd gear
  142. Chip quiz for the old timers
  143. Taking I 95 from FL headed to S fest anyone else going that way wanna meet up?
  144. looking for new shoes
  145. who's green UrSa did I see driving down Front St in Salem on Saturday?
  146. Addict Motorsport Design to Sponsor S-Fest West - One lucky person wins a custom tune
  147. Couple S-Fest West PSAs. First 25 PAID attendees to receive S-Fest West Souvenir.
  148. HELP! LATCH install problem
  149. Anyone find an upgrade to the rear shock mount rubber donut that goes around the big
  150. May have blown my head gasket??
  151. Is there such a thing as low dust brake pads for Big Reds?
  152. boost gauge install
  153. Anyone have a spare (amber) pass. side turn signal to part with?
  154. PSA: Use more loctite on the CPS bracket bolts...
  155. Anyone here with really good body work knowledge willing to help me with some ???'s
  156. Loss of boost at 5000rpm
  157. S-Fest West 2009 - August 15th 2009 - Registration and Sponsor Announcement
  158. Whats a well kept, stock 95 S6 with 170k going for these days?
  159. Catalytic Converter replacements??
  160. Pop quiz- Magnolia=?
  161. AAN short block needed.
  162. Spotted a wrecked Pearl UrS6 in Stowe VT last week on a flatbed : (
  163. 93s4 for sale?
  164. Another whats it worth: 2B coil overs w/springs,shocks,camber plates,strut housings?
  165. urs6ville PM sent
  166. Replacement Tranny Options?
  167. Finding the code tag on an UrS Avant
  168. This is TurboJew Signing off from the UrS Forum
  169. Breaking news! A real deal Nogaro blue RS2 will be present at S-Fest West 2009!!!!
  170. Washers on PS Pump install
  171. Drive flange removel?
  172. New Build -took 3 years of picking at it . Engine Noise
  173. Dave Forgie, can we americans buy Canadian S4's or are they hard to import?
  174. Anyone have some Power steering lines for a UrS4/s6?
  175. SMIC upgrade, anyone interested?
  176. Kday, i need to remove my AC drier. i saw an old post of yours
  177. It's official, people are stupid.
  178. 034 Clutch and flywheel group buy!
  179. where are all the UrS4 galleries? Whose got pix of 92-94 silver cars?
  180. Head gasket R&R is underway....
  181. S-Fest West 2009 is this Saturday!!! OMG!
  182. Upgrading HU in 95 S6
  183. meet tomorrow in Montreal at Julep?
  184. Colorado Peeps... who is going to DATR? I know Hap's car will be there.
  185. Timing Belt Job, can a friend handle the job?
  186. How much should I be satisfied with from my insurance co. for a total loss?
  187. B5 S4 Brakes
  188. Looking for a new chipset, need recommendations.
  189. 1994 Audi 90 clock and shift indicator light
  190. S-Fest West 2009 - August 15th 2009 - Registration and Sponsor Announcement
  191. how to bleed power steering
  192. How do I remove the DAMN C-pillar?
  193. Where can I get a new belt driven radiator fan?
  194. Which key blanks work?
  195. Got a question about shaky idle with the A/C on
  196. A/C delete?
  197. Car broken into....
  198. What's wrong with my exhaust
  199. I gots my own A/C problem.......
  200. my commuting fail.....
  201. Avus replica rims
  202. 15 months and 40,000Km - first 115R coil failure. Roadtrip - spare in trunk
  203. needed - 1 set of rear lower coil spring seats
  204. S-Fest West 2009 - Writeup
  205. excessive heat coming into the car ! from the engine compartment any idea
  206. Airbag Replacement and lock repair
  207. Anybody got an extra "MM"?
  208. Looking for big injectors
  209. Anyone wish to confess to this?
  210. how do we remove the c-pillar lower trim under the small window?
  211. Basic Idle Switch and Throttle Position switch testing (from the Bentley)
  212. I need some inspiration/ motivation....
  213. Longball Rally 4
  214. Let's start a new rule: Don't reply to any posts older than a month.
  215. Ok, well I have to work on my car now! Anyone have an A/C compressor? Mine is seized
  216. CC Channel 51 - Engine coolant temp. Under what conditions does it read accurately?
  217. Parts available @ S-fest - Bilstein HDs, 92 coil springs, etc.
  218. Guys who bought from Jason Charron, any luck?
  219. Looking to Buy 95 S6 in Great shape!
  220. Car died. Bentlet CD won't work. Keeps blowing fuse 17. Fuel pump. Short?
  221. B5 A4 steering wheel fit on UrS4?
  222. Our cars still hold up well
  223. Can anyone tell me where the purple/black wire of the FP connector goes?
  224. My front strut mounts are broken again. That's like 4 times now. Is this normal?
  225. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  226. Audi Parts
  227. P/S fluid?
  228. Obnoxious Beep!
  229. quattroworld down????
  230. Pin Out Diagram 4 silverbox
  231. Turbo help?
  232. Newbie "what's it worth" question 282k!?!? help!
  233. s-Cars in Houston
  234. looking for anyone in Houston that has similar vehs to disuss upgrades with
  235. Hello Everyone............I've missed you all.....
  236. Name my coolant leak
  237. drive line slop???
  238. 034 H.O coils or DIY LS2? Discuss.....
  239. anyone with carfax acct?
  240. stage 3Porsche BBK rotors...??
  241. Just bought a 95 S6 avant.....
  242. want to replace the stock air box, which is better?
  243. losing boost at 5000rpm...detail inside
  244. Big Turbo Q
  245. My Heater Core Is Broken
  246. How to tell if an RS2 EM is the real McCoy??
  247. Best power mod for under $100?
  248. Found S4 for sale, need advice
  249. S8 for sale
  250. Eibach coil spring spacer - remember them?